Hi All,

Wow, that went super quick and It’s now that time again where some of us are getting ready to break our 5 day juice fast. Some troopers have decided to keep charging, which I think is awesome dedication to healing!!  No problem was ever fixed from sitting on your bum and waiting for something to magically disappear. Great work on getting  proactive and taking some action. It takes a lot of guts and determination to do a juice fast, even if it’s only a few days.

Me personally, I’m just about to break my fast now four hours short of five full days. That means only green juices for a total of 116 hours. While I’d like to soldier on and continue healing my body, I think it’s best I break it now as I’m feeling a little weak and I’m now back to work. My job means I have a lot of running around and responsibility caring for my two autistic clients.

Ok, So What’s the Best Way to Break Your Juice Fast!

How you break your juice fast is actually the most important part of your whole juice fast. Please take good care of your insides and only feed them gentle easy to digest foods until your stomach and intestine become accustomed to food again.

If you go eating animal products or a big carbohydrate meal straight after a juice fast, you risk damaging your intestines. Please stay away from all meats, wheat, dairy and any processed foods (should go without saying now).

Just remember, if you eat a bit of chocolate now or some ice-cream, you’re going to set a really bad early precedent which is going to be hard to stop. In your mind you will probably be thinking, oh well I have done it now, and you will continue down that rocky road of eating junk food that is void of any nutrition. We have all been there, but now is really the time to break those toxic patterns. Junk food is not going to get your body to where you want it to be. Be strong, there are so many good healthy options out there that will satisfy you.

The best way to break the fast is with any of the following: fruit, some kefir or dairy free yoghurt, steamed vegetables, veggie soup, raw salad, broth or a healthy smoothie.

Avoid any oils or vinegar on salads until normal bowel movements start occurring again. Avoid nuts, butters and other fats.

Make sure the quantity of food you eat are small, not a huge plate of food and always eat slowly and chew your food well.

Fruits are awesome to break a fast but are going to be troublesome for most of us because of the fructose (fruit sugars), so it’s probably not the best idea to break you fast with these, especially if you’re in the early stages of your healing. If you have done sufficient healing some low sugar fruits should be ok. Only you will know where you’re at, be true to yourself and stay away from foods that you know your body will react to.

Two days of eating the above mentioned foods should kick your digestion back into gear and get your enzymes flowing. After this you start to introduce some foods, but still remain vigilant. Hopefully now you are on the health food wagon and it won’t be a problem :)

Day 5 Post coming shortly

Ps. Just because the Juice Fast is finished doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking green juices. Drink them for long enough and you will start craving them. Stick with em!

Have a great day/night